Every nine seconds…a Survivor is born…an Overcomer begins a new journey…an Advocate finds her voice. In the time it took you to read and process this sentence, approximately 1.29 persons were driven into one of these categories.

Our community/nation/world is collectively confronting another growing menace in the face of a global pandemic and racial inequality that is incapacitating; fueling the rise and spread of another deadly disease that is equally aggressive in its assault on human society and its right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...

Domestic Violence

We write to call on you and your local/regional/global partnership and your support to fight this disease and its attack on us, our families, colleagues and even those we do not know that need our hand.

Her-Story.Org is a platform created for Victims, Overcomers and Supporters in their common unity to disrupt the cycle of the Wheel of Power and Control by providing assistance thru our Emergency and Transitional Housing communities along with other technology-driven, critical support programs.

Your Financial Support

Your financial support is crucial to our efforts of creating awareness, procuring secure technological measures that enable fleeing and eradicating domestic violence. We request your contribution of any amount to help us achieve our mission.

Your contribution will go toward the further creation of SafeHousingNow.Com, our real-time Emergency & Transitional Housing App and other administrative costs for our Nonprofit Organization. We thank you in advance for your contribution.

Here are the ways you can donate:

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— for alternative avenues to donate, email us at donations@safehousingnow.com

Living the Journey.
Let us Walk with You.

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